IP addresses and domains are listed in the Spamigel reputation database because they appear to be under the control of, used by, or made available for use by spammers and abusers in unsolicited bulk email or other types of Internet-based abuse (i.e. online scams, phishing, ransomware) that threatens networks or network users.

We will not disclose exact criteria for listing because it may give spammers hints on how to avoid our listings.

All IP addresses and domains that are added to the reputation database are manually moderated to prevent false positives.


Delisting is strictly manual procedure. After we receive a notification from the IP block or domain owner about solving the abuse problem, IP address or domain will be delisted from database.

We may decline the removal request if the corrective actions taken do not appear sufficient to prevent further abuse.

All removals from the reputation databases are free of charge.


Listing entries do automatically expire. Old listings may be randomly rechecked and delisted if they no longer seem to be sources of spam. It is the network owner responsibility to notify us of any changes that affect an listing, and to request removal when the conditions that caused the listing no longer apply.

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